Superior Aviation Academy

This modern student training facility features lecture rooms which can take up to 18 students per classroom, individual briefing rooms for one on one sessions, a computer room where students can practice mock test for their theoretical exams, an extensive library, Basic Instrument Training Device Simulator, biometric fingerprint scanners, a canteen and all students are divided into groups based on their inception date and have their own student center where they can study and prepare for flight lessons.

Full time Commercial Program.
We offer a full time course which will see a student obtaining his / her PPL in 10 weeks and his / her CPL in 12 months. Students enrolling for this specific program will also have access to a student training facility and accommodation close to Grand Central Airport. The student will have a structured program with all his briefings, ground school, flying, study time and examinations laid out. The course also features buffer periods in case of weather delays. This course is suitable for students wishing to make a career of flying.

All our training courses have been designed with the emphasis on safety, standards, abnormal and emergency procedures. All instructors at Superior have been trained to ensure that the standards, procedures and checks are the same, regardless of which instructor is offering the training.

Our courses are outcomes based, with the pilot having both theoretical and practical knowledge to fly safely. Our courses cover a wide variety of subjects not normally included in the training curriculum. These extra courses include topics such as human performance, emergency procedure training, flight planning and weather avoidance, to name but a few. We feel these topics are essential to a pilot, especially at the private pilot level, as this forms the foundation for all future training.

The Superior Aviation Academy Manager is responsible for oversight on all training programs, outcomes and feedback to sponsors.

Biometric finger print scanner.
The main entrance, as well as the student training facilities are fitted with a finger print scanner, which only permits access to staff and students on the program. Reports can be drawn on student activity and their movements can be monitored.

There are two lunch blocks between 12pm and 2pm and students are allocated a lunch time in the morning, which falls into their training program. Coffee, tea and water is available for all students and students have the option of requesting meals. Meal orders are in bulk and work on a 14 day menu cycle. Costs are available on request.

There is free parking available for students at the Academy and work on a first come first serve basis.

We offer accommodation to students on the program. The lodge is situated 6km from the airport. Each student has their own bedroom and bathroom and the canteen, kitchen and lounge areas are communal. The property also boasts a swimming pool, braai area, and electric fencing.

We offer transport to all students on the program. The bus operates between the lodge, the airport, SACAA, Boulders and the Midrand Gautrain Station.

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